Choosing Your Dishwasher

A modern dishwasher saves you time, water and electricity usage. Whatever dishwasher you require, there are a few basic points to consider:

  • What Size? – You can have a full size (60cm width) or a slim line (45cm width), or even a tabletop.
  • Place Settings? – Different place settings allow more flexibility in the baskets to store all of your plates, bowls and glasses etc.
  • Quick Wash? – A very useful feature if you haven’t got a full load of heavily soiled items (i.e. breakfast bowls and mugs). This cycle will wash away light dirt & stains in about 30mins.
  • Flexible Baskets? – Most dishwashers have a height adjustable top baskets, allowing for taller items to be placed in the bottom basket or to place taller glasses in the top.

Whatever dishwasher you choose, always remember to use dishwasher salt on a regular basis. In hard water areas such as the southeast this will ensure that you glasses and plates stay at their best, and the internals of the dishwasher stay limescale free for many years to come.