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Appliance Installations

Electrical Appliance Servicing

Here at Abbey Domestic, we make it easy for you to buy an electrical appliance for your home.

We also make getting those appliances up and running once they’re in your home, easy and stress free. We know it can be a hassle finding the right person to enter your home and install your brand new appliance efficiently and quickly.

That is why here at Abbey Domestic we have set up our own installation team, so you don’t have to search for a reliable and professional engineer. Many of our products are priced as being fully inclusive of installation, meaning you as a customer, have peace of mind knowing that our professional engineers are on hand to disconnect your old appliance, reconnect your new appliance to an existing supply and remove your old unit and all packaging.

If any extensions, taps or traps are required to complete the installation, these will be charged as an extra cost.